Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The kitchen

This was our second day in the kitchen. When we went in we saw our yeast. Than we talked about hygiene in the kitchen and how important is it in the kitchen. Than we got our task for the day it was sweet short pastery. First you need to...
Add flour and butter. Mix them.
Than take a egg and whisk it than pour it into your mixture.
Than mix the ingredients all together.
When it's done you have to put it in the fridge so than it can set.
Take it out in half and hour than shape it.
It is supposed to be smaller than your pinky finger.
Than we put it in the oven make sure it has been preheated. Because it will rise quickly if it is preheated . If it's not the bottom of the pastry will burn because it is trying so hard to rise but it doesn't have the heat. 
Kiana and Ramari were in charge of the cupcakes. I think they did a pretty good job.
By Navishal.

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