Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ivy's DPP experience wk1

Last week we had DPP ( design production program) and we had cooking so we learn how to cook. So far we had learnt a lot about hygiene. Hygiene is about cleanliness so what we need to do is wash our hands because we need to get all of the bacteria and bugs off of our hands. We also need to keep our bin clean to keep away the flies.

When we got into the baking we made, ANZAC medals .
 ANZAC biscuits recipe:

- 1 cup flour
- 1 cup caster sugar
- 1 cup desiccated coconut
- 2 cups rolled oats
- 125g butter
- 2 tbsp golden syrup
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 3 tbsp boiling water

Shortbread Recipe

-100g butter, softened -100g icing sugar -100g cornflour -200g plain flour (plus extra for dusting) -1 tbsp freshly grated lemon, lime or orange zest or a mixture -2 cups icing sugar -2-3 tbsp of lemon juice

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